R&D/Field Engineer Matt Singbeil is a key contributor at AeroLab Technology.

Matt is is a specialist in the field of fluid mechanics and mechatronics design with a knack for tackling new concepts and solving complex problems. The focus of his Masters thesis at the University of Calgary was in aerodynamic flow control where he designed, implemented, and analyzed the results of an electro-mechanical system within a wind tunnel to alter the flow in a buff body wake to reduce drag.

Growing up in Calgary Alberta, Matt has always an avid bike rider building fitness in the city and technical skill in the mountains while working at the Cyclepath (now The Bike Shop) as a mechanic. First entering the world of cyclocross Matt found a passion in racing of all sorts. As founding member of The Bike Shop Racing Matt now races many disciplines of cycling from road and criteriums to cyclocross and cross-country mountain bike, with the occasional enduro style event. Still early in his racing career Matt has ambitions to someday compete at the national level while furthering his engineering expertise.