User Manual

January 6, 2021 in Support

Welcome to AeroLab!

Prepare for an AeroTest

In order to perform your first aero test

Performing an AeroTest

Initializing an AeroTest

  • Connect both the power meter and wheel speed sensor to your Garmin head unit;
  • Calibrate the power meter using the Garmin head unit and launch the AeroLink CIQ app;
  • Launch the AeroLink iOS app, select the athlete to be tested, and navigate to the Test pane in the iOS app;
  • Select the desired test configuration and road surface;
  • Measure the combined weight of the athlete and equipment to be tested;
  • Perform a wheel roll out at the desired tire pressure to measure wheel circumference;
  • Input the combined weight (kg), wheel circumference (mm), and lap length (m) if applicable;
  • Scan for AeroPros and select the mounted device;
  • Scan for Ant devices and select the desired power meter and wheel speed sensor, if you don’t see the desired sensor it is possible they have become dormant or are out of charge, refer to common issues;
  • Enter detailed notes on any parameter not noted in the test configuration;
    • Example: “Baseline, standard kit, road helmet, 72.3/75.4 PSI F/R”
  • Press Next to navigate to the test in progress view;

Starting the Test

Once in the test in progress view the procedure will depend on the selected testing protocol.

Processing Results

Completing a test is done by pressing End Test once the rider has completed the desired number of laps. This will prompt the pre-sync screen. In this screen you can add any additional notes before synchronizing the data from the sensor to the cloud. Press Sync to initialize the process, depending on the amount of data this can take a few minutes. It is important to keep the sensor near the iOS device and wait till the synchronization is complete before doing anything else on the iOS device. Use this time to prepare for equipment changes and allow the rider to rest.

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