Field Kit

March 6, 2021 in Support


Tools to have in the field to ensure proper tests.

  • AeroPro - fully charged
    • Our recommendation is to only perform test with more than 15% battery on the AeroPro.
  • iOS device - fully charged
  • Garmin head unit with CIQ app installed
  • Bike
  • Additional sensors (fully charged or with extra batteries)
    • Power meter
    • Wheel speed sensor
  • Bike pump - keep pressure constant between tests
  • Full set of bike tools for adjustments (will vary based on planned testing)
    • Hex (or allen) keys
    • Headset spacer
  • Equipment to be tested
    • Helmets
    • Skin suits
    • Aero bars
    • ect


If engineering product or design testing is being performed the additional tools are recommended.

  • Vernier caliper - to measure inflated tire width at different pressures
  • Anemometer - note ambient wind conditions
  • IR thermometer - to measure road surface temperature
  • Tire wiz pressure gauge - if doing precise wheel testing otherwise keeping tire pressure consistent between test via the pump gauge will suffice

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