Providing Feedback

October 31, 2020 in Support

This document describes the information that should be provided alongside feedback to help troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible.

When providing feedback and/or bug reports, please provide as much relevant information to help diagnose the problem:

iOS Version

  • This Apple support article documents how to determine which version of iOS your device is running.

Please include the following information when reporting:

  • Which athlete profile is being tested;
  • Which version of the AeroLink application you are using (within the app, tap on Settings and then scroll down to the “Support” section);
  • What result were you expecting to see, and what result was produced;
  • Please provide a screenshot or screen recording of your device that captures the problem you are seeing.

If the problem is related to aero testing, please include the following info:

  • Which ANT+ sensors were used for the test;
  • Which test configuration is being used (lap distance, test format/protocol, etc.).
  • Which version of the AeroLink IQ application you are using (displayed after tapping on the Edge’s on-screen menu button);
  • Which head unit the app is running on (Edge 530, 830, or 1030).

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