Athlete Profiles

January 30, 2021 in Support

This document explains the role of athlete profiles and their configurations within the AeroPro system.

Inviting Athletes to Test

Athletes must first be linked to your account before you can conduct tests with them. The process is simple and straightforward:

From the “Select an Athlete” view, enter the athlete’s email address and tap the “Invite” button:

Upon doing so…

  1. The athlete will receive an email containing a unique six digit code which they must provide to you in order to proceed, as shown below:
  1. And their email address will appear in the “Pending Athletes” section of the view:

Once you have received the six digit code from the athlete, tap on their entry in the Pending Athletes list and enter the six digits into the provided text field:

If the codes match, the athlete will be linked to your account and their profile will now appear in the “Active Athletes” section of your app. You now have the necessary permissions to select their profile and proceed with testing.

Edit Athlete Profile

Input the following information for your new athlete (these fields are mandatory):

  • Email
  • First & Last Name
  • Height (in cm)
  • Weight (in kg)
  • Year of Birth

The following fields are provided but are not required:

  • Gender: Male, Female, or Other.
  • Skill Level: Novice, Intermediate, Competitive, Professional.

All aero tests completed by an athlete should be completed using their individual profile to properly track their history.

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