Athlete Configurations

January 6, 2021 in Support

This document explains the role of an athlete’s configurations within the AeroPro system.

Each athlete, can have as many configurations as necessary. In general, a unique configuration should be created for each set of tests that will be conducted.

A test configuration contains information pertaining to an athletes equipment and/or position setup.

The required fields are:

  • Name: To uniquely identify the configuration e.g. Cervelo P Series.
  • Test Format: Determines the testing protocol i.e. Out and Back, Freeride, or Velodrome.
  • Powermeter Manufacturer: Powermeter standards and calibration may change between manufacturers it is best a noted parameter.
  • Powermeter Location: Chainring, Crank, Pedal, Rear Hub, Spider.
  • Bicycle Type: Cyclocross, Gravel, Mountain, Road, Specialty, UCI Time Trial, Track, Triathlon.
  • What is Being Tested?: Equipment, Position, Equipment and Position or Other
    • If Other is selected a text field will be provided below.

Additional optional fields:

  • Equipment: If a piece of equipment is changes additional details be be added here.
  • Mark as Favorite: Bing this entry to the top of the athletes list of configurations.
  • Notes: Any additions notes, more details is always beneficial when analyzing data in post.

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