AeroPro Status Lights

October 29, 2020 in Support

This document describes the various states the AeroPro is in based on the LEDs within the device.

For the purposes of the descriptions below,

  • pulsing is when the light goes gradually alternates between on and off
  • flashing is when the light abruptly toggles on and off

The AeroPro has 3 different LEDs:

  • Solid: plugged in & fully charged;
  • Pulsing: plugged in & charging.
  • Solid: sensor is on;
  • Flashing: sensor is collecting data;
  • Flashing: sensor is powering up.


  • No Lights: sensor is in sleep mode (ie: off);
  • All lights flickering: the device needs to reboot; if it doesn’t automatically power itself off and back on in less than a minute contact support.

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