Connecting AeroPro to your ANT+ Devices

October 17, 2020 in Support

This document outlines the steps required to connect your AeroPro sensor to your bicycle’s powermeter and speed sensor.

The AeroPro has been designed and built to communicate with powermeters & speed sensors that broadcast over standard ANT+ channels.

Connecting your power and speed sensors to your AeroPro sensor is straightforward:

  1. Ensure that your powermeter is on and has been calibrated to ensure optimum accuracy in the current environmental conditions; follow the steps specific to your powermeter (for example, spinning the crank a few times to wake the device up) and then follow the standard calibration process on your Edge head unit).

  2. Ensure that your wheel speed sensor is awake by spinning the wheel to which it is attached for several revolutions.

  3. After selecting your AeroPro, the list of ANT devices will contain all nearby powermeters and speed sensors. Simply tap on the rows that correspond to the sensor(s) you wish to use for your test session.

Supported Devices


Numerous powermeters utilizing the Ant+ communication protocol have been successfully tested and implemented with the AeroPro sensor. Powermeters measuring input from both sides are recommended but not mandatory.

Speed sensors:

Both accelerometer and magnet based wheel speed sensors are supported such as:

Unsupported Devices

Bluetooth only devices are not currently supported.

Please contact us with details of your testing setup if you have problems pairing with your sensors.

Still having troubles? Contact support.