AeroLink IQ

March 18, 2021 in Support

This document outlines the steps required to install the AeroLink IQ the application on your Garmin Edge 530, 830, or 1030. Other units are not supported at this time.

  • Download the latest version of AeroLink specific for your head unit, then…

  • Plug your Edge head unit into your computer via USB cable and ensure that it shows up as an external drive on your computer:

  • Expand the .zip file from your downloads folder, and copy the aero-ciq-*.prg file contained within to the Garmin/Apps folder on your device:
  • Unplug the head unit from your computer and power it on. Navigate to the IQ App selection screen and select AeroLink IQ.

  • Your Edge will start scanning for nearby AeroPros:

Out & Back Tests

The AeroPro communicates the with AeroLink IQ which, in turn, displays the current state of the test to the rider, for example:

Each state has its own icon, making it easy for the rider to understand

FIT Recording

AeroLink IQ can create a standard FIT file containing the relevant information for the athlete’s rides; pushing the Edge’s Start/Stop button will toggle the beginning and ending of data recording. When recording is active there will be a small icon and “REC” label in the top of the screen (as seen in the screenshot above).

Freeride Tests

AeroLink IQ should only used for out & back tests; the app is not required in freeride tests since the test is either active or not (as opposed to having multiple states while the test is active).



Mar 18, 2021: improved power & speed display


Mar 10, 2021: wheel speed is properly displayed


Nov 26, 2020: Better handling of error state.

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