A Meeting of Two Minds

May 25, 2018

Up north in Canada, the quiet cowboy town of Calgary is known for its rodeos, mountains and oil companies. Few people would think of it as a sports technology hub. The birth of Ant+ used as the core communication protocol for performance running watches, cycling computers, and heart rate monitors started here? What’s next?

In Calgary on May 21st, Leomo, a next generation tech company with Japanese origins designing the most innovative sensor technology for high performance-based motion tracking, met for the first time with AeroLab Tech, a company focused on dynamic technology for real-time assessment of bicycle aerodynamics and wheel rolling resistance.

Could this collaboration catapult pro cycling teams and triathletes to new human preference records? On country roads and in an outdoor velodrome, this looked to be a world first - simultaneous multi-point motion analysis with real-time aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance measurements.

This small meeting had some serious horse power including:

Global cycling technology domination was on the agenda.

Like any group with strong beliefs and unique skills, discussions have led to some challenging and interesting questions. Could the marrying of these two technology companies change pro cycling and triathlon development for high performance athletes? Would this make leading manufactures re-think design to more real-world uses to increase the rider performance? Could this partnership carry over to other sports such as to speed skating, alpine skiing, luge, and more?

How do you think this could change the dynamics of cycling and triathlon coaching, fitting, product development and more?