AeroPro System


Now available for purchase, the AeroPro System is the gold standard in aerodynamic testing. If you want the most repeatable and accurate real-world sensor the AeroPro is what you need.

Hosting a suite of engineering grade sensors the AeroPro can measure:

  • Wind data (speed and yaw),
  • Road vibration,
  • Yaw, pitch, and roll,
  • Humidity, pressure, temperature,
  • GPS location,
  • and more!
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AeroPro V1

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AeroPro V1

  • 1 year manufacturers defect warranty
  • GoPro mounting hardware
  • Protective case with foam inserts
  • Braided USB type C cable


Pro Subscription

  • Aero Testing with Out and Backs or the Velodrome Protocol (beta)
  • Access to the AeroLink web based Dashboard (beta) for in-depth analysis
  • Create and test multiple athletes
  • Can perform Freeride Analysis for race like and training efforts (beta)