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  1. AeroPower to Team BikeExchange

    March 31, 2021
    Does measuring the performance of your equipment offer a competitive advantage? Team BikeExchange lets the numbers speak for themselves.
  2. Aerolab Brings the Wind Tunnel To You

    March 20, 2021
    A recent Slowtwitch article highlighting developments with our AeroPro sensor technology and aero 101 educational program! Our goal is to make the world of competitive cycling faster; first step, shed light on all things aerodynamics.
  3. AeroLab Fitter Symposium

    February 2, 2021
    In the first week of March we will be showcasing our technology and product to the North/South American & European markets during 2 virtual events, each with open question & answer periods.
  4. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #7

    January 19, 2021

    In the seventh episode of our Tech Talk series you’ll meet the cast of characters that are revolutionizing real-world aerodynamics.

  5. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #6

    January 5, 2021

    In the sixth episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Chris Morton & Kelly Zwarych discuss how computational fluid dynamics models, wind tunnel measurement & analysis, and real-world testing can complement each other to achieve peak aerodynamic performance.

  6. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #5

    December 21, 2020

    In the fifth episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton discuss mistakes and oversights that can produce inaccurate data while aero-testing.

  7. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #4

    November 24, 2020

    In the fourth episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton walkthrough a field test and explain how our iOS app communicates with the AeroPro sensor to dial-in athletes’ equipment and positions.

  8. Sports Tech Symposium

    November 18, 2020

    Our very first symposium is being held on December 11, 2020 @ 11AM CET and will be conducted virtually (via Zoom). The topics will cover how real-world aerodynamics is shaping the future of human performance at the highest levels of competition.

  9. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #3

    November 16, 2020

    In the third episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founder Kelly Zwarych talks to our field R&D engineer Matt Singbeil about how our aerodynamic testing process can significantly improve an athlete’s performance on their bike.

  10. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #2

    November 4, 2020

    In the second episode of our Aero Tech Talk series, company co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton talk about how to prepare for an aero test with our AeroPro sensor.

  11. Aero Tech Talk, Episode #1

    November 2, 2020

    In the first of a series of videos, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton delve into more detail about what separates the AeroPro from other aero sensors.

  12. Every Watt Counts

    October 20, 2020

    Watch a comprehensive walkthrough of our aerodynamic testing protocol using our AeroPro sensor and iOS & Connect IQ companion apps.

  13. AeroLab Tech Paper

    October 7, 2020
    This document serves as an overview of AeroLab Tech’s newest production sensor system designed for coaches, fitters, professional teams, and engineers. The sensor system will enable you to optimize individual athlete aerodynamic performance through its patented approach to evaluating aerodynamic drag area (CdA) and coefficient of rolling resistance (Crr).
  14. Teaser Video

    September 13, 2020

    Here’s our teaser video that provides a glimpse into our aerodynamic testing protocol using the AeroPro sensor.

  15. Flo Cycling Podcast

    August 27, 2020
    Chris Morton, AeroLab’s co-founder and VP of Engineering & Product Development, recently talked with Flo Cycling about the companies’ collaboration to improve the performance of Flo’s wheels. Our engineers employed the AeroPro sensor to measure the aerodynamic performance and rolling resistance of Flo’s wheels across a variety of conditions (road surfaces, tire pressures, winds, and temperature).
  16. Endurance Innovation Podcast

    August 26, 2020
    Here is a recent podcast to give you a sneak peek behind how innovative and ground breaking AeroLab technology is to the elite cycling industry as we prepare for limited release in the European markets.
  17. Calgary Tech Company Hitting Global Stage

    June 14, 2019
    Calgary’s Business catches up with AeroLab CEO at Inventures conference to discuss what AeroLab is about, growth plans and if Calgary can change to support a technology community.
  18. NASA iTech Top 25 Disruptive Technologies

    May 30, 2019
    NASA’s iTech initiative operates within the agency’s Space Technology Mission Directorate to encourage innovations that could provide unique solutions on Earth and in Space. From the more than 500 submissions globally, AeroLab Technology was the only Canadian tech company.
  19. Garmin’s Multi-million Dollar Investment in Aero-Testing Technology for Cycling

    January 12, 2019
    “Our innovative TAS is a cutting-edge technology that allows real-time testing of aerodynamic efficiency while you’re riding. The system allows us to measure your coefficient of drag (CdA) as you ride, and it enables us to conclusively determine the optimal position and equipment combination for you and your bike — ultimately improving your performance.”
  20. Road Cycling Market Goes Aero

    August 16, 2018
    Top bike manufacturers design lighter, comfier and faster bikes than ever before. The new S-Works Venge is a little more real-world than its predecessor, and it’s faster and lighter than ever. Specialized won’t say how much faster, but the brand does claim to have shaved 240g off the frame and added around 40-50% more compliance compared to the ViAs, although the Tarmac is still more comfortable.
  21. Eurobike Roundup: Notio, AeroLab, AeroPod, Swiss Side & Others

    July 26, 2018
    Big names in the sport and performance cycling industry get on board with commercializing real-time aerodynamics, including Argon 18 and Garmin.
  22. DC Rainmaker Talks Technical

    July 23, 2018
    “I last tested it in the fall, but wanted to catch-up with the folks at Eurobike to see where things stand. I cover the consumer plans, coaching plans, and their industry plans.” “AeroLab is the one that’s released the most data on their unit with the most white papers around it. Their tech blog has plenty of interesting tidbits to read.”
  23. Changing the Aerodynamic Athlete Game

    July 23, 2018
    Ray Maker, a technology sports blogger and keynote industry speaker at several leading industry events, provides an overview on AeroLab’s technology and the industry at EuroBike.

    July 8, 2018 editor James Huang checks out AeroLab at EuroBike: “Two sensors at the front of the device continuously measure wind angle in order to get accurate drag measurements. I don’t expect this device to become available to consumers in the near future, though. Instead, I would almost guarantee that a bigger company (Quarq seems like the most likely candidate) would purchase or license the technology, and then they would bring it to market.
  25. AeroLab Technical Paper v1.1

    February 1, 2018
    For the aerodynamic design of cycling products, it is critical to understand how wind tunnel experimental measurements and computational fluid dynamics simulations translate to real-world environmental conditions. This document serves as an introduction and overview of AeroLab Tech sensor devices.
  26. Early Look: AeroLab Tech’s Aerodynamic Sensors

    January 30, 2018
    The reason a product like AeroLab exists is because when you go and test in a wind tunnel you quickly realize that slightly more aerodynamic body position changes are in many cases the difference between having your finger a mere centimeter in one direction. The challenge then becomes how to memorize that position after just a few minutes in, say, February, and transfer that all the way to your race in August.
  27. AeroLab & Long-Range UAVs

    January 12, 2018
    Icarus, one of Canada’s leading aviation, structural and aerospace engineering organizations, possesses extensive expertise and support in aircraft design, structures & stress, and powertrain systems. Their joint venture with AeroLab will enable increased autonomous stability, efficiency, range, and be used extensively in design validation in flight testing. The project wouldn’t be possible without the support of Alberta Innovates.
  28. Zipp 454 & 858: Real-world Aerodynamics

    November 3, 2016
    SRAM’s Zipp division applies real world aerodynamics to increase riders performance, speed and handling. Zipp’s new 454 NSW Carbon Clincher is radical by design, evolutionary by nature. The result of SRAM’s natural design process is adaptation: new shapes and forms that achieve a higher degree of efficiency and control.
  29. DC Rainmaker: AeroLab Tech’s Aerodynamic Sensors

    October 12, 2016
    For years, aerodynamic sensors and testing facilities for cycling have been appropriated to not just the pointy end of the pack, but the absolute tip of that pointy end. The cost for a mere hour of wind tunnel time is as much as a power meter, and that excludes the travel costs required to get to but a handful of centers around the world – or that they recommend two hours of time.