AeroLab Fitter Symposium

Europe: Mon March 1, 16:00 CET
Americas: Wed March 3, 14:00 MST

Our very first symposium was held virtually late last year (via Zoom) and covered how real-world aerodynamics is shaping the future of human performance at the highest levels of competition.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the demand from world-tour teams we have a limited release scheduled for spring 2021. AeroLab will be virtually showcasing our product to the professional fitter industry due to ongoing travel restrictions caused by COVID 19.

In the first week of March we will be showcasing our technology and product to the North/South American & European markets during 2 virtual events, each with open question & answer periods.

A week prior to the events we will contact you providing the event attendance details and an option to place a refundable deposit on a sensor system.

Each event—there is no need to attend both—will be roughly 3 hours in length, and the agenda includes:

  • Introduction to cycling aerodynamics
  • How the AeroPro works
  • Business case studies
  • Supporting regional sales
  • Pricing & features

Symposium Registration:


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