AeroLab Sports Tech Symposium

December 11, 2020 @ 11AM CET on

How Re-invented Technology is Changing Sport Performance

Our very first symposium was held virtually this year (via Zoom) and covered how real-world aerodynamics is shaping the future of human performance at the highest levels of competition.

This is the first annual event we have planned, and it spanned approximately 5 hours. Guest speakers included Cervelo Cycles’ co-founder Phil White and Shimano Europe’s Marketing Officer Bert Roesems.

The event’s agenda included:

  • A recap of real-world aerodynamics’ past developments;
  • Discussing the evolution & future of real-world aerodynamics and how it will shape human performance in elite-level cycling, running, and automobile racing;
  • How engineering development can expand upon computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel data in the design, prototyping, and testing stages of equipment development.

After a short break, AeroLab’s Jon Wiggins walked through a field-test to optimize an athlete’s equipment choice (ex: a cyclist’s helmet and tyre pressure).

Attendees received a link to download a video archive after the event was completed. Contact us if you have any questions, we look forward to (perhaps virtually) seeing you at our next event!

All proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the X-Speed United development team.

Dec 11, 2020 11:00AM CET

Archived Videos

  • Chris Morton

    The Evolution of Tools for Aerodynamic Testing
  • Bert Roesems

    Equipment Development & Testing: Advances From Real-World Experience & Research
  • Kelly Zwarych

    Future Innovations with Real-World Aerodynamics
  • Phil White

    Cervelo’s Introduction of Aerodynamics to Cycling
  • Jon Wiggins

    Body Mechanics’ Influence on Aerodynamic Performance

Event Speakers

  • Phil White

    Co-founder of Cervelo Cycles

    Phil White is best known as one of the co-founders of Cervelo—he and Gerard Vroomen introduced aerodynamic bicycles to the masses—but he is not ready to rest on those heady laurels quite yet. Now leading 4iii Innovations as interim president, Phil White has a broad range of experience worth listening to and learning how technology can make your whole riding experience better.

  • Bert Roesems

    Shimano EU Sports Marketing Officer

    As a winner of Belgium’s national time trial championship and professional road cyclist from 1997 to 2009, Bert understands how important equipment innovation is to advancing cycling performance. Bert now supports Shimano’s European team through product development and collecting key data analytics to help design the next generation of innovations in athletic performance.

  • Jon Wiggins

    AeroLab Senior Field Scientist

    Jon is a leading Olympic trainer, sports scientist, coach and athletic performance expert with experience operating at the highest levels of international sport. A forward thinking and innovative professional, he has consistently developed and driven the use of cutting edge technology within elite sporting environments.

  • Chris Morton

    AeroLab Co-Founder & VP of Engineering

    Chris Morton entered the world of triathlon while studying mechatronics engineering at the University of Waterloo. He took the reins as head coach of the university triathlon club while completing his MASc and PhD in experimental fluid mechanics and managed to find the time to train and excel in full & half Ironman events.

  • Kelly Zwarych

    AeroLab Co-Founder & CEO

    AeroLab co-founder and CEO Kelly Zwarych guides the company’s vision and ensures things get done. Kelly cut his teeth in the oil & gas industry but chose to follow his passion for cycling & triathlon by supporting world-class athletes and investing in the next generation of athletic & sports performance technology.