Engineering designers can investigate the bicycle-rider system, and how their products (bicycle frames, helmets, & wheels, for example) affect overall aerodynamic performance. The device also serves as an environmental sensor, enabling realistic data to be collected for races courses world-wide. This data can then be used to inform designers on the true statistical distribution of environmental data for a cyclist (gwind, wind yaw, air temperature, air density, humidity, etc.).

Ongoing, we will be releasing introductory and technical engineering based reports on specific use-cases where AeroLab technology has been used to enhance the design process.

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Features you can expect from AeroLab’s sensor:

  • Real-time aerodynamics,
  • Real-time road conditions,
  • Real-time wind & wind direction (yaw),
  • Real-time tire pressure.
  • Turbulence intensity of the wind,
  • Reynolds stresses,
  • Air density estimation,
  • Air temperature & humidty,
  • Body position sensor.