Focused on studying the impact of aerodynamics in cycling we created our TechTalk series. Here you can watch educational videos ranging from specialists in sport to engineering technology with demonstrations of practical applications using the AeroPro system for coaches and fitters with insights from athletes’ point of view.

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Performances and Testing Results

We are back with AeroLab TechTalk for a new season. The second season will bring interviews with fitters, pro athletes, and partners talking about their experience using our sensor. 

In this episode, Kelly Zwarych and Chris Morton will talk about the educational platform that the AeroLab team developed for fitters, coaches, and engineers. 

In this episode, ongoing testing of the new VeloMode is happening in the background. At the same time, Kelly starts working with age group triathletes as they prepare to qualify for Ironman Kona Worlds.

Learn more about why becoming part of the Fitter Fifty will get you access to new advanced cycling tech well in advance before launching to the next work, special programs and limited opportunities with the AeroLabs team.

No Two Helmets Are Created Equally. AeroLab shows how their tech works to find you the best helmet for your racing and riding needs. In this video, Matt and Chris are testing what Aero Helmets produce the lowest rider CdA. 

After a full day of testing with the Aerolab team we have answered the question of how to find your best mantis position.

Just how many watts can you save by investing in your riding kit? Do you need a skin suit, or is a nice tee shirt appropriate?

In today’s video, the AeroLab team performs draft testing to see just how many watts the trailing rider can save.

Learn what you get and how to set things up for the first time with AeroLab. Matt will walk you through the process of getting set up for the first time so you can start testing successfully.

Cycling fast is the goal of all cyclists, but how easy can we make it? The AeroLab team will walk you threw the field process for success. Beyond training and hard work, there are aero gains: new aero bike, deep rim wheels, aero bottle cage and aero helmet. Doing the test right will set you up for fast enjoyment as you set a new personal best.

In this video, Matt Singbeil, our field engineer, goes with you over the AeroLink App. Here you will learn how to download the app from Apple Store, initialize your account, create configurations to test, select athletes’ profiles, pair with the AeroPro, start a test, and much more.



In the first of a series of videos, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton delve into more detail about what separates the AeroLab PRO Sensor from other aero sensors.

In the second episode of our Aero Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton talk about how to prepare for an aero test with our AeroPro sensor.

In the third episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founder Kelly Zwarych talks to our field R&D engineer Matt Singbeil about how our aerodynamic testing process has significantly improved his performance on the bike.

In the fourth episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Kelly Zwarych & Chris Morton walk through a field test and explain how our iOS app communicates with the AeroPro sensor to dial in athletes’ equipment and positions.

In the sixth episode of our Tech Talk series, AeroLab co-founders Chris Morton & Kelly Zwarych discuss how computational fluid dynamics models, wind tunnel measurement & analysis, and real-world testing can complement each other to reach peak aerodynamics performance.

In the last episode of our series a casual chat with some Aerolab team members.