Real-Time Aerodynamics Applications

AeroLab Technology brings value, safety, savings and performance to many industries. The environment effects human performance, weather conditions will impact bicycle aerodynamics and stability in similar ways to the unsteady aerodynamics of autonomous vehicles, wind turbines, and more.

AeroLab is leading innovation in real-time measurements of:

  • unsteady aerodynamics,
  • vehicle rolling resistance, and
  • metabolic activity.

We accomplish this through the seamless integration of real-time sensors and proprietary learning algorithms. Our data capturing, storage, analysis, and global sharing is targeted towards network connected IoT systems.

If you are an investment group looking for hugely scaleable IP for your portfolio, or a company wanting to expand your competitive advantage feel free to contact us directly to discuss how we can work together.

Team Members

  • Chris Morton, MaSc, PhD

    Chris Morton, AeroLab’s co-founder and VP of Engineering & Product Development, entered the world of triathlon while studying mechatronics engineering at the University of Waterloo. He took the reins as head coach of the university triathlon club while completing his MASc and PhD in experimental fluid mechanics and managed to find the time to train and excel in full & half Ironman events.

    When he isn’t developing AeroLab’s proprietary technology and modelling the fluid mechanics of pale ales, Chris leads the next generation of engineers as the program director for graduate students and professor in aerodynamics at the University of Calgary.

  • Kelly Zwarych

    AeroLab co-founder and CEO Kelly Zwarych guides the company’s vision and ensures things get done.

    Kelly cut his teeth in the oil & gas industry but chose to follow his passion for cycling & triathlon by supporting world-class athletes and investing in the next generation of athletic & sports performance technology.

    After completing over a dozen Ironman events, Kelly is taking some time away from training to focus his attention on his family and ensuring AeroLab’s success… needless to say he’ll be back in his training regimen at the first opportunity.

  • Jon Wiggins

    Jon Wiggins is an internationally recognized Olympic trainer, lecturer, sports scientist, coach, and athletic performance expert operating at the highest levels of swimming, cycling, and F1 & MX GP; he has worked with Tour de France riders, and Olympic, world cup and European champions. A forward thinking and innovative professional, he has consistently developed and driven the use of cutting edge technology within elite sporting environments.

  • Matt Singbeil

    Currently locked away in self-isolation, our R&D/Field Engineer Matt Singbeil is a key contributor at AeroLab Technology.

    Matt is is a specialist in the field of fluid mechanics and mechatronics design and is currently finishing his Masters thesis in aerodynamic flow control at the University of Calgary.

    As an ex-bike mechanic and current bike racer, Matt spends his spare time working on and riding/racing bicycles of all sorts: road, criterium, cyclocross, cross-country, and the occasional enduro.